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About this region

Many of our oceanic islands are tropical. But temperate species often occur in cooler pockets or bands at higher altitudes on tropical mountains.

Island plants face more threats compared to their continental relatives due to their restricted ranges and small populations. Entire species can be wiped out by cyclones, hurricanes and landslides. Introduced plants and animals can also wreak havoc on these delicate ecosystems.

In Temperate House we have plants from the islands of Rodrigues, Mauritius, and La Réunion (Indian Ocean), Lord Howe, Norfolk, Juan Fernández, and Pitcairn (South Pacific Ocean) and the Cayman Islands and Saint Helena (Atlantic Ocean).

Members of our United Kingdom’s Overseas Territories team and our local partners work hard to protect these islands’ floras.

Main image: Island of Saint Helena from space, by the ISS crew via Wikimedia Commons

Due to their isolation, islands can provide scientists with valuable insights into the process of evolution

Temperate plants from Islands

Other temperate regions